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A selection of designs from historical files

Featured designs:

Lady L, a 16 M charter vessel for Positano
Eolian Queen, a 38 M passenger vessel by Cantiere Foschi
Tato, day sailer with lifting keel
Delfino Verde AS, passenger vessel for the Gulf of Trieste
Linetti 20.5, fast powerboat by Cantiere Linetti
Adriatica, for TV personalities "Velisti per Caso"
Magic Panarea, passenger vessel for the Eolian Islands

Historical designs:

Mal Di Mare, 1951, the first Sciomachen design
Scappatella, 1952, in the Mediterranean
Gemma II, 1961, in the Pacific

Refits and restorations:

Il Magnifico Veneziano, a Sciomachen design (1976), refitted by De Cesari
Fairlie, a William Fife design (1902), restored by Fioravanti

Racing sailboats:

The racing sailboat Astra at San Diego Yacht Club
The "Classe Libera" Avant Garde at the Lake Garda Centomiglia Race
The 12M SI racer Azzurra IV off Fremantle
The I.O.R. class I Cochabamba
The one tonner Ciaro de Luna
The I.O.R. class V Bertoldo
The I.O.R. class IV Settima Strega
The one tonner Linda in Rio de Janeiro
The threequarter tonner Almar
The half tonner Cagliostro
The quarter tonner Arlecchino
The mini tonner Fortunello
The half tonner Arcibaldo
The mini tonner Menestrello
The "Classe Libera" Aquilante
The I.O.R. class IV Ma Cherie
The half tonner Belzebu
Blu Chiquita for the Minitransat
The half tonner Balanzone

Crusing sailboats:

Cypraea by Bordogna Spa
Durlindana by CNF SIAR
Mona Lisa by Cantiere De Cesari
Lumiere by Cantiere Gioacchini & Leonardi
Futura by Cantiere Fioravanti
Domino by Biasi Costruzioni Nautiche
Vera III by Viking Marine Industries
Morgante by Biasi Costruzioni Nautiche
Rigoletto by Cantiere Dal Ferro
Piubella by Cantieri Meda
Pantalone by Cantiere Nettuno
Pupa D36 by Cantieri Dullia

Power yachts:

Hudson 40 by Hudson & Ricci
Linetti 27.5 by Cantiere Linetti
Neptune 42.5 by South Coast Marine

Fishing vessels:

The seiner Giomada hauled out
The trawler Rimas inbound
The lobster boat Santa Rita before launching
The boat Pantera Rosa for mussel culture
The trawler Sirio
The clammer Tremul homebound
The aquaculture boat Joker

Passenger ferries:

Lady M during sea trials
Stromboli Express around the Eolian Islands
The ferry Eolian Star
Golfo di Arzachena operating in Sardinia
Siro by Cantiere Navale Foschi
Lipari Island, passenger vessel by Cantiere Navale Foschi
Regina dei Mari at the Eolian Islands
The passenger ferry Asinara I
Grecale by Cantiere Navale Foschi
The passenger ferry Neptunus
The passenger ferry Diamante
The excursion vessel Viking
Squalo IV by Cantiere Navale Foschi
The passenger ferry Lerici
Maestrale at the Island of Capri
The passenger ferry Zaffiro
The passenger ferry Hipponion

Fast ferries:

The fast ferry Neocastrum at full speed
Positano Jet at anchor in Positano
Triple screw ferry Eolian Princess
Triple waterjet ferry Citrarium

Preliminary designs

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